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J Gilton is a dynamic Singer/Songwriter getting noticed for his comanding voice and inspiring lyrics . With these tools in hand with an acoustic guitar he is touring all around the United States playing music in every town he can. He is a self proclaimed "Busker" or street performer and says, "Playing in the street for strangers is my favorite way to make new Fans. If they truely like what I do they stop and listen. " You'll find that he will capture your ear with the power of his voice. When you start listening to what he's saying with that voice, you really start seeing a bigger picture.


This Midwest born singer/songwriter started playing guitar in high school but ended up finding that is was a start of a new direction in life. Being a life long poet he started to putting words to music. He studied Architecture in college, wrote songs at home, and played the bar scene at night. After a short employment in the career field he went away from the corporate calling. He turned in his white collar and got into a van with friends with nothing more than a full tank of gas and a case of noodles. They managed to live completely off of music no matter what city they stopped in. The spur of the moment tour lasted the entire summer and cemented a love of music. Since then he's been playing shows in St. Louis and the rest of America. In that time he has developed a wonderfully original sound to his voice with a powerful dynamic that can be heard a block down the street or be soothing enough to sing you a sleepy lullaby. In addition to his stand out voice he has and an elegant knack for songwriting. Many people find that his lyrics are thoughtful and inspire a fresh look at old topics. They also love his new take on old songs and fresh twist on current hits.


"J Gilton is rather new in the STL music circuit, but’s he getting noticed fast for his classically soulful voice that sounds wise well beyond his years”.

--- Review from Atomic Cowboy

Currently Booking shows in the US.

J Gilton is currently doing all Website, photography, graphic design, songwriting, booking, acounting, P. R., driving, promotions, video, social media, and perfoming by Himself (including writing in 3rd person) for JGilton.com

Currently seeking Management and open to Publishing inquisitions.

( JGiltonMusic (at) Gmail.c()m )

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