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High Flying

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I may be lonely, but you can’t tell me no one else is.
And I’m not a bad looking man but I ain’t as good looking as him
And I can see in your eyes, that you looking for someone tonight
But your looking for mister right now, not Mister right
But you make sure he see’s you look
And with that, you set your trap, and you sink in your hooks
While I stay high flying by myself
Now I find myself a dark corner in a smokey room
It’s a good place to give space for insecurities to bloom
See them walk, see them talk, while I just co-exist
I keep myself absent, so I know I won’t be missed
But then I catch the eye, of some passer by
And they ask me why, that I, am sitting alone tonight
I say cause  I’m high flying by myself
It’s getting hard, to keep guard, of my fortress of solitude
I want feel any thing that is real,  and it ain’t going to be with you
And though its quite impressive the way you move your hips
I’m much more receptive to the words coming from your lips
Intelligence has a reverence that beauty just can’t caress
Because good form without good function girl is just a mess
So I’ll stay high flying by myself