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Saturday morning and its time to go,
waking up early and wouldn’t you know
I’m a little hung over from the night before.
I drank a little to much than I drank some more
Waking up shouldn’t be such a chore
with the sun so bright that your head is soar.
But eyes wide open, feet on the floor,
 I grab a few thing and hit the door.
Keys in the ignition, foot on the gas,
lanes that I’m switching as I’m about to pass
Going to fast but way to slow,
had to be somewhere a half hour ago
Friends probably waiting for me to show, News man saying on the Radio thats it's doing to be a nicer day than it was before.
so seat back, kick back with the foot on the floor
Singing…  La de daa de daa
Finally I hit the spot. I’m there but my friends are not.
Singing…  La de daa de daa
I call them up upon the phone, they all left cause I never shown
Singing…  La de daa de daa
Suddenly it occurs to me that I’m up before 10:30, on a Saturday
Singing…  La de daa de daa
So I call my buddy’s and I bitch and nag,
saying I’ll bring a Frisbee you bring a bag
And we’re singing…  La de daa de daa
Two coolers of beer and a BBQ, got all day with nothing to do
Singing…  La de daa de daa
Picnic tables and linen sheets, cool green grass beneath my feet
Singing…  La de daa de daa
Can in my hand and a bottle of wine, listening to the band now I’m feeling fine
Singing…  La de daa de daa