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The Tower

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Sitting at the tower, looking across the land
Watching the storm roll in with a rifle in my hand
It’s been a long time since the war broke out
But I still don’t know what I’m fighting about
No matter to me, just trying to survive.
Hoping when this is over, I’ll still be alive
Sitting at the tower
Sitting at the tower, listening to the rain
Letting it pour down on me and wash away the pain
I see something in the distance, something moving fast
No time for indecision. I can not let this pass
So I wait till I can see his figure, then I squeeze upon my trigger
Sitting at the tower
Sitting at the tower, blood on my hands
Let the rain was it off, cause I am only a man
And I do it for the future, and I do it for the past
I do it for the honor, and I do it to save my ass
But there lays another body, another mark upon my wall
I once thought that I  knew my life, but this is not it at all
No not sitting at the tower…